Lip Lifts

There are several types of lip lifts that I do. They all involve cuts.

BULL HORN LIP LIFT- This can also be done under a local anesthetic. It involves a  cut underneath the nose and follows the curvature of the nostrils and so I call it a BULL HORN lift. The amount of uplift of the uper lip is marked and then the skin/tissue is removed. However, as you can picture, the amount of lip elevation is quite minimal and ONLY in its central portion. The scar may be quite visible so I would normally do this in someone who I have or will do an alar nose rim decrease.

VERMILION BORDER UPLIFT(DOWNLIFT for lower lip)-This can be done to both upper and lower lips, even under local anesthesia. I have the patient draw and outline their existing vermilion lip border and then draw in where and what shape they want their lip to be. Then, I remove the section between the two which results in the elevation of the lip to the new shape and height. This does not increase the fullness of the lips just the height! 

V-Y -This can be done under local anesthesia. This procedure adds a little height to the lip but it does add some fullness. I mark the V or multiple V's(W)on the inside of the lips, and then elevate the tips of the V and advance them forward and create a Y.