There are over 20 Fillers/injectables that have been approved by the FDA but not all of them for the lips! Fillers are injected into the lips to enlarge them. They do not add height to the lips but only volume or plumpness. They can be injected into the upper or lower lips in an office visit. 

  I numb the mucosa of the lips and/or do a dental type numbing block so it is not as painful. The fillers contain a numbing solution which makes the injection and after more tolerable. 

    The fillers come sterile and pre-packaged. Each syringe contains three things-the actual filler material(only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount in the syringe), the numbing medicine(usually lidocaine which makes up another third) and a carrier to allow the filler to be injected through a smaller size needle.

    The most common fillers/injectables are made from HYALURONIC ACID. After injection, the plumpness is immediate. Unfortunately, it does not totally last because of the different components that make up what is injected. 

   Depending on which filler is injected, there may be an increased plumpness to the lips for several days and then it begins to dimish. The numbing part goes away very soon and then the carrier dissloves in several weeks.

   The remaining amount, the third to one-half of what is initially injected tends to be absorbed  by your body over next months to a year depending not only on the cross-linking of the hyaluronidic acid in the filler/injectable material but also by your body and how it responds to the filler/injectable.The greater the cross-linking of the molecules of hyaluronic acid, the longer it will last. 

  These fillers/injectables are ALL foreign to your body, so they may cause allergic reactions, infections, cysts, lumps,bumps, irregularities and bruising withthe injections. Most of these are rare as are other more severe problems which are listed on the consents.

   What are the fillers/injectables that are currently available for lip enlargement and approved by FDA?



   Each of these is available in different forms with different cross-linking of the HYALURONIC ACID. THe more the corss-linking, the longer its effects will last. The other main advantage of these is that they are for the most part REVERSIBLE with an injectable enzyme called HYALURONIDASE! 

  Other fillers/injectables are available but are NOT recommended for lips. These include:

    RADIESSE- calcium type( Hydroxylapatite ) which is hard feeling when injected which does last longer but NOT reversible.

   Bellafill -Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) which is combine with cllagen(animal based) and requires a test to see if patient is allergic to collagen portion. Is considered a semi-permanent and therefore not recommended or approved for lips.

 SILKON-Silicone injections-permanent and most likely will cause problems in large number of patients like migration, granulomas, not able to be removed and not approved or recommended for lip injections. The problems that are seen with medical grade silicone happen usually years after the injections and can really be deforming!!